How to open your rebate trading account at IC markets.

First just click to the link with the label IC Markets or just click here 

If you alredy have an account at icmarkets, follow the instruction here

forex rebate account
open rebate account at

You will redicted straight to icmarkets website with reduced trading fee already. Icmarkets will know that you came from and after you open account will give the discount for 1.5 usd per 1 trading lot. So you can reduce trading fee from 7 usd to 5.5 usd per lot.

Lets start! Open rebate trading account! Get cashback from every trade!

At the website just click to button open account just like on the picture below.

rebate forex account
open rebate account at

After that you will be ask to fill in all your personal information then press NEXT, you will be redicrected to application form. Fill down all you personal information.

rebate forex account at
fill info at

You will redirected to next step. Fill your information about your adress and check that you have the agent number is 13609 , its important, only with that number you will get rebate account automaticly. 

open forex rebate
rebate account at

Next window is a page of choosing trading account. I prefer Metatrader 4 rather Metatrader 5. The Metatrader 4 is more user friendly for my opinion. The mobile version is more stable and light. But the choise is up to you. 

choose metatrader platform
open rebate forex account

Next fill the secret answer and keep it in safe place and press Accept button to finish.

fullfil information to open account at icmarkets
rebate account

Congratulation you are done! You have opened a profile. inside the profile you can upload your documents and make deposit. Most important operation, like deposit and withdrawal is beeing made from the profile, so keep your password in a secure place. 

Good Luck, if you still have any question, please send me an email to

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