black swan

Black swan name Evergrande

Some recent days ago, all people were yelling about rising stock market, and true believe that i can never fall . But black swan coming from China made some correction to the game. The risk default of Evergrande were wifting in the air for the last 6 months but the market ignore till the last. Now its finally find the reflection on the market. Nasdaq index went down -2.49%.

Evergrande stock went -10% in one session

China credit default swap spikes (CDS)

Fasten your belt, we are ready to fall

This week is flooded with news, FED meeting on 22 sep 2021 will open the door for the market reaction. I do not anticipate the hawkish tone, but one the other hand the inflation push FED to start tapering. I think the market will have a strong reaction after FED meeting. I really see the market to correct from here for 30-40% since here. All eyes on FED and go with short. The risk ration is very temptation, stop at the all record high.

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