Get forex rebate at IC Markets in one click

Hello dear traders,

Have you ever notice or just think about how much fees do you pay for trading? Assume, you trade just 1 lot in a week, the total payment is 28 dollars in a week, 336 dollars in a year, impressive right? So what if i tell you that you can reduce in to 22 dollars in a week and 264 dollars in a year, or get 30% discount just in 1 click. What are you waiting for? Get rebate now!

If you want to reduce trading fee from your icmarkets forex broker. I will tell you how to reduce the trading fee just in 5 minutes. All you need is to email to with following inquiry:

“please link whole my profile to agent 13069”.

Or you can open new profile pressing this button.

You can check how to open account here

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